This Brazilian Keratin Treatment will keep your hair straight, shiny and sleek. All women of age with either black or colored hair.

Smooth & Stronger Hair

this treatment enhances your hair’s texture from frizzy...

Refills Proteins

as we age, your hair loses its proteins and this ...

Rebuilding Damaged Hair

this treatment gives your hair that has been damaged a ...


if you have frizzy hair, this is the treatment for you 


after this treatment, you’ll have no more breakage. 

About Us

Hello, I am the owner of Perfectly Patterned Salon and my name is Martin Gaytan. Here in Perfectly Patterned Salon, we specialize in hair strengthening among other hair treatment services and we guarantee you smooth, shiny & strong hair with our Brazilian keratin treatment. Say goodbye to your damaged ends after this treatment.

How to Tell If You Would Make a Good Blonde

Most adult women with blonde hair are actually not naturally blonde. As we age, our hair tends to darken to at least a dishwater -- or dirty -- blonde. The ...

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What People Say

I hate how my hair was so damaged, and every time I washed and styled it, it broke easily. But after getting the Brazilian Keratin Treatment at the Perfectly Patterned. My hair is stronger than ever, it’s also shinier. I mean, this treatment resolved any hair problems I had.

 – Linda Peters

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